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Recording 'Troubadour'

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Kristian Bush's original music and Janice Shafer's script made for an unforgettable production of a brand new and well received play with music - Troubadour - at Atlanta's Alliance Theater in 2017.

I was humbled to play in the production with Music Director Brandon Bush, guitarist Benji Shanks, Radney Foster, Bethany Ann Lind, Rob Lawhon, and a musical cast loaded with talent!

Joining in on the recording sessions was Kristian, Levi Lowry, Charlie Starr, Leah Calvert, Brandon Bush, Benji Shanks, with Tom Tapley engineering.

It was a superb experience! The off the cuff creativity, and lovely vibe of Kristian Bush and Brandon Bush made for a great week of getting the best from everyone..

Our original showcase of the music took place at the Alliance Theater in December 2016. That concert included Kristian, Brandon, Charlie Starr, Larkin Poe, John Driskell Hopkins, Benji, and some others..